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Skilled Services We Offer

Who qualifies for home care services?

To be eligible to receive Apollo Home Care Inc skilled home care services, patients must meet several criteria, including:
• Must have a homebound status (difficulty leaving or moving about without assistance).
• Must be under the care of a physician.
• Must require additional care following a recent hospital or nursing home  discharge.
• Must have short-term health needs.


Personal Injury Care

To help patients recover from personal injury, Apollo Home Care Inc provides victims of automobile accidents with a full range of rehabilitation services to reduce healing time and ensure a healthy road to recovery.  We also offer cost-effective case management services to help guide patients to the proper "next steps."  


Skilled Nursing

The Apollo Home Care Inc  nursing staff specializes in disease management and education. They provide skilled services for patients, supervise other Apollo Home Care Inc  caregivers and coordinate patient care with the physician. Our nurses provide many services, including:

• Skilled assessment • Phlebotomy services • Education disease process
• Infusion therapy • Catheter care • Wound care/dressing changes
• Medication management/instruction • Medical supplies • Bowel and bladder program
• Wound VAC therapy • Intestinal therapy • Certified wound/ostomy


Therapy Options

Apollo Home Care Inc offers a full range of therapy options to help reduce patient recovery time and assist with problems that accompany illness or inhibit recovery. Our team consists of skilled physical, occupational and speech/language therapists who provide a number of services:        

Physical Therapy

• Anodyne Therapy System*  • Aqua Relief System** • Gait training & exercises
• Tens unit  • Balance and transfer training • Rehabilitation techniques
• Home exercise programs  • Symptom control education

• Ultrasound therapy


*Pain relief system designed to stimulate healing and relieve pain
**Pain relief system designed to manage pain and increase circulation using heat and cold therapy


Occupational Therapy

• Daily living activities  • Work simplification • Fine motor coordination
• Orthotics/splinting

• Adaptive equipment



Speech Therapy

• Voice disorder treatments • Speech articulation • Swallowing treatments
• Language disorders • Memory retraining • Cognitive retraining


Medical Social Worker

Medical social workers lend support to patients and families with coordination of community resources, short-term and  transitional counseling and alternative living (assisted living or nursing facility) needs assessments.

• Assessment of social and emotional actors related to illness
• Community resource coordination
• Brief individual and family therapy sessions
• Needs assessment for alternative (assisted living and nursing facilities)
• Transitional counseling         


Home Health Aide

Home health aides are available to assist with patient personal care needs including personal hygiene. They also provide light housekeeping and meal  preparation.

• Assistance to patient personal care needs
  (under the supervision of a nurse)
• Personal hygiene
• Preparation of light meals • Light housekeeping